Embedding sustainability is a journey. Those who start it early can achieve more in terms of willingness to pay and of impact visibility.

It is the right time for your sustainable transformation

The digital transformation has been the engine of the recent growth in the financial services sector. But we have come to a point, in which being digital is not a differentiator anymore in the eyes of many customers. It has become a hygiene factor and a commodity. Therefore, financial services providers need another reason for the customers to join and to stay with them. A strong candidate to be that reason is sustainability

As in many other industries, such as food, clothing and automotive, also in financial services putting sustainability at the heart of the value proposition is already taking…

Using science, good practices and inspirations from other industries to bring back passengers despite the pandemic

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has hit few sectors harder than the aviation sector. Airlines and airports are desperately trying to convince people that air travel is safe. Current communication strategies focus on creation of perception of safety and on high-quality services. However, the results of a survey on attitudes towards aviation show that the scepticism towards air travel is on the rise. Few in the industry have been brave enough to communicate the risks involved, instead, most of the players keep on promising a “safe environment”. Whereas using a mechanism to build trust, known from other industries, airlines and airports have…

If your SME has Poland based operations, you can dramatically decrease your innovation costs

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It is hard to reach a comfortable balance between investing in innovation and the return on that investment

Have you been thinking of improving an existing product, launching a new solution or adding a new feature to create a unique customer experience? Maybe you’ve been considering streamlining your processes or delivering a technology that can really make a difference?

As much as all these options might be of interest, your first dilemma might be whether to invest in R&D and design at all — since the return might come in a medium to long perspective, while you might have more immediate needs and goals…

Inspirations for your strategic scenarios

The coronavirus crisis is a world-changing event having a growing impact on the global economy. In a series of internal futures thinking exercises we looked at 5 areas: Travel & Leisure, Society, Economics & Consumption, Environment and Politics. Here are our hypotheses of what’s going to change in business operations, part of our Economics area. (You may find the earlier published Travel related inspirations here)

SHIFT IN SUPPLY CHAINS The pressure to reduce supply chain costs by offshoring and outsourcing has been recalibrated by the COVID-19 pandemic. To secure delivery capabilities, companies might try to diversify their providers and invest…

What’s going to change in how we travel?

The COVID-19 pandemic may be remembered as the single most disruptive event in modern history. It is likely to durably reshape the customer, employee and organizational behaviour. Many of us might be currently asking ourselves what the upcoming future will be like and how to prepare to do business in such an environment.

Our team felt a strong urge to come to a common vision of what the post pandemic landscape might look like. Therefore we conducted a series of internal futures thinking exercises — researching and brainstorming on hypotheses about the near term future in our part of the…

You have obviously already heard about the new coronavirus that has infected almost a hundred thousand people. The TV and press in every country update the citizens on the number of new cases and some scientists are starting muttering the word pandemic. Headlines from economic journals name the outbreak the true “black swan” event and discuss its specific impact on different sectors and companies. But not only the virus will be responsible for the uncertain impact the outbreak might have. The biggest risk is human perception that is biased and influenced by many mental shortcuts we all make. …


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